How to Protect Your Privacy on the Internet? Install Norton.Com/Setup

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Many of your web browsers collect data about the sites you visit and sometimes give that information to third parties. Cybercriminals could be the ones that spying on you and if you are not careful about protecting your online activity, then it may be possible the cybercriminal can gain access to your personal information including bank accounts, and credit cards or personal life. Download Norton Setup Security to stay protected online.

However, we also suggest you follow these steps to protect your privacy online:

·         Protect your Wi-Fi network and router

Many routers come with default usernames and passwords. Replace that usernames and passwords so that cyber thieves are unable to guess them. Set a strong password that will be a correct security option when you enable your router and Wi-Fi network.

·         Be careful while using free or public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi at public places c is a nice convenience but it also comes with risks. So, if you’re connecting your device to a public Wi-Fi then you need to be careful while doing that. Avoid doing any activity that involves sensitive information.

·         Use Secure VPN

Connect to the web through a secure VPN as it keeps the data you transmit and receive over your Wi-Fi connection private.

·         Clear all cached files

When you go online, your browser stores a lot of cache files and images. If you are unaware of the fact, then be careful and clear all your browser’s cache files and images.

·         Screenlock on your devices

Keep your device password-protected so that when someone stole your device, then they won’t be able to access your device.

·         Avoid torrent or piracy web sites

To watch your favorite movie you download it. Many times, you use a piracy or torrent site to download your entertainment for free. This process infects your device with malware and cybercriminals can use to access your device and can steal your personal information.

·         Choose browsers that don’t track search history

Many popular browsers track your search history, even when you are searching in incognito or private modes, therefore use the browser that keeps your online privacy in your control.

·         Turn off the Location Settings

Many of the apps track your location and sell the information to make us better targets for advertisers. So, it is always better to regain some of your privacy by turning off the “Location Settings” options on your devices.

·         Install an Antivirus Security

Install a strong antivirus program like Norton Setup with Product Key that keeps you safe online and blocks unauthorized access. It also scans and removes malware to keep your device protected.

Editorial Bio: Anayra Roy is a self-professed Digital Marketing Expert in More than 6 Years; she has been making the people aware of the malware and threats. Her passion is to write Blogs and Articles about Malware, Security, cryptography, The Latest update, Signs that Your Computer is infected with Viruses. She also writes Norton Setup with product key and Norton.Com/Setup

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