We aim to have privacy policy for complete satisfaction of our customers. We want to make sure that the customers who trust us by sharing their personal and payment details, feel secure that the information that they provide to us is completely safe with us. Therefore, we do have a privacy policy which covers all the resources that we collect plus the information that where those resources are being in use. The information that we collect from users is mentioned below:

  • Personal data: User’s first name, last name, email address, postal address
  • Payment data: to make transactions
  • User’s Technical data: system information, model name, model number to provide efficient services
  • Children Privacy: No data is been collected from children. If done by mistake, it is been deleted immediately as soon as it is been found.
  • Usage of data which is been provided by our customers:

  • Providing Offers: to make our customers aware about latest offer that we provide
  • Sending Invoices: if transaction is been done, an email is been sent to email id provided
  • Efficient customer support: To remain in touch with our customers through Live Chat